Jobs & Opportunity for PA

Government doesn’t create jobs…people do, especially small business people. As a small business owner himself, Scott will fight for reforms that reignite our economy and job creation – so every Pennsylvanian has the opportunity for financial stability and success. It’s nothing new: he’s already supported conservative initiatives to reopen our economy, support ag and energy, and cut red-tape and over-regulation.

Educational Excellence & Choice

Every child in PA deserves an excellent education that prepares them for success, but for too long too many have been blocked out by the teachers’ unions that control our schools. Scott will continue the fight he is leading every day for strong funding for all schools – and initiatives that provide real choice in education so parents are put back in charge.

More for Taxpayers. Less for Government

Scott has always been a small government fiscal conservative – saving taxpayers $40 million as a local official, and stopping Wolf’s big tax-and-spend increases in the Senate. He also refuses the taxpayer-paid pension and passed strong public pension reform to save billions. As Governor, he’ll bring the strongest fiscal discipline to government so taxpayers keep more and government does more with less.

A Safe Pennsylvania for All of Us

As a husband and father, Scott thinks every Pennsylvanian should feel safe in their home, school, or business. As the son of a career law enforcement officer, he respects the contributions of the men and women and blue. That’s why Scott will stand up to the liberals and their “progressive” policies that seek to cut funding and put the rights of criminals above the rights of the law-abiding.

Protect Our Rights & Power

Our Constitution gives power to the people, not government or politicians. That’s something that we need to protect. Scott will. In fact, he already has: helping author the law that became the Ballot Initiative limiting Governor Wolf’s emergency power, and fighting to preserve our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights against liberal attack. He’s also fighting for reforms that prevent election fraud and ensure the right to vote – and our very vote itself – is always protected.